Being able to support other women going through miscarriage and/or infertility has always been at the heart of what I have wanted to achieve. Having suffered 6 miscarriages and two years of IVF, I believe I can truly empathise with and understand what other women are going through.  Continue reading “Gabbi”


It took my husband and I six years to become pregnant with our first baby, only to lose our beautiful child at 11 weeks. Joyously we fell pregnant for the second time a few months later… only to devastatingly lose that precious and desperately wanted baby at 19 weeks. Five years later we embarked on IVF and are now the extremely grateful and proud parents of a beautiful, kind, funny and cheeky daughter.

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I understand what it’s like to lose a baby because I did too. I had our first child with no problems, but when I was pregnant with baby number 2, I started to have issues which ultimately lead to me having to be induced at 19 weeks and 5 days. Giving birth to our second son who couldn’t make it devastated me, and at exactly the same time I was made redundant from work.

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