About us

The Pink Elephants Support Network was formed as a way to support, nurture and empower women who are experiencing miscarriage, infertility and pregnancy loss. Through Pink Elephants, we want to reduce the feelings of isolation many women feel by connecting them with other women who have walked the path before them.

Our beautiful website is a hub of information for women and contains fabulous downloadable resources that are invaluable in helping partners, family and friends understand how best to support their loved one as they navigate these difficult roads. Nurturing our physical and mental health is a vital part of these journeys and knowing all the options available both medically and holistically can empower women in what can otherwise be a time fraught with uncertainty and sadness. By developing relationships with Healthcare Practitioners, we are able to help them better understand and more effectively support women during this time. We passionately believe that women should be validated in their grief around infertility and miscarriage / pregnancy loss.

Opening up the societal conversation and educating communities how to best comfort and support women, is vitally important if we are to improve and support the experiences of women in the future.

Our Journey

It all started with a coffee. Well, actually it started with a response to a Facebook post about miscarriage, a private message and a request to meet for coffee. And by the end of that coffee date, the concept for Pink Elephants was created. During that first meet up, Sam Payne and Gabbi Armstrong agreed that there was an unmet need in society around the support of women experiencing early miscarriage. From the initial miscarriage diagnosis, to the ensuing loss/procedure and knowing what to expect, right down to the support that partners, family and friends can both give and receive – there needed to be more. On top of all of this, women also deserved validation for the grief they were experiencing, no matter how early their loss was.

Given Gabbi’s experience with secondary infertility and IVF, it didn’t take long for us to recognise the inextricable link between miscarriage and infertility and to see that both journeys had to be addressed in order to reach and support even more women.

It was at this point Sam and Gabbi realised they needed some help bringing this amazing network to life and they brought on board Rachel Haywood as the third Co-Founder, an experienced Marketing and Strategic Manager with a background in Healthcare Communications, a passion for graphic design with just as much drive and desire to make a difference as Sam and Gabbi.

Through Pink Elephants, we want to reduce the feelings of isolation many women feel by connecting them with other women who have experienced the journey before them. We also want to build a network of medical and holistic healthcare professionals to help support women as they navigate their individual paths.

As our motto states:

‘Miscarriage and infertility may be individual journeys, but no woman should have to walk them alone.’

Miscarriage and Early Pregnancy Loss

We believe women go through three stages post their miscarriage diagnosis.

Our website has been designed to allow women to navigate to information dependent on  where they are at on their miscarriage journey.


We will support our women through the early stages of grief and loss providing them with:

  • Relevant and trusted information on what to expect
  • Connecting them with other women who are experiencing or have experienced pregnancy loss


Nurturing our community as they heal by exploring the different ways women overcome their grief and find courage to move forward:

  • Psychologists and holistic practitioners
  • Healthcare Professional advice and support to empower women to make choices around their emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Inspirational stories from other women


Empowering women beyond miscarriage and pregnancy loss through:

  • Support groups
  • Advice from our co-contributors
  • Encouraging of shared stories
  • Blog posts
  • Ambassador workshops

Downloadable resources

  • A Friend in Need
  • Partner Advice
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Telling the Children
  • Sorry for Your Loss
  • Miscarriage Survival Guide
  • A supportive guide on words to use
  • It’s OK poster

Contact us

If you would like more information contact us via email rebecca@pinkelephantssupport.com