OutX Fitness

We are putting together a team of runners in partnership with OutX Fitness who are kindly supporting us this year at The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.

Can’t run? Don’t worry! Just be there! You can walk or even take a leisurely stroll over the bridge – whatever it takes to help us raise awareness of our network. No gesture is too small when it comes to supporting women and couples in need.

With the help of Botany based trainers OutX Fitness, we are able to offer all runners that register to fundraise with Pink Elephants Support Network a FREE monthly training session with the OutX team once a month at 9.30am on a Sunday at Centennial Park. Dates to follow.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive a FREE running training program, and if you raise $500 or more, then your entry is also free!

OutX Fitness are also offering new members a 20% discount for first 3 months if you sign up to train with them in the lead up to The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.

All funds raised from this event will be used to produce, print and distribute more of our unique Miscarriage Care Kits, given to couples experiencing loss, and the running of our newly launched Peer Support Program. Help us to ensure no woman walks the journey of miscarriage or early pregnancy loss alone.

And, just quietly… there are some extra special goodies being lined up for our runners…more information on these to come!!

So, what do you need to do next? OK so there are a few registrations, but they are pretty simple.

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