We have put together a few tips to guide you on making a press release submission to the media. You can often send this through to their info@ email address or simply give them a call and they will tell you who to best contact. 

What is a press release?

A press release is a piece of communication directed at news media to announce something newsworthy. Press releases are usually sent to journalists at newspapers, online media, radio stations or television networks.


When should I send it?

Timing is everything. Try not to send your press release when you are just starting out. People are more likely to donate when a project or event has momentum and looks likely to be successful. For that reason, an ideal time to send your press release is when your fundraising campaign has already reached around 21% of its target.

What should I include in my press release?

There are several things you should include:

  • A header – a succinct, to the point headline about what you are doing
  • The date and state ‘FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE’
  • Images – Include a couple of images, perhaps of your team, the campaign, Pink Elephants’ logo etc.
    Remember, you can always contact us as a follow up if media or press are interested in running an article
  • Quotes – Include quotes about the project from campaigners and supporters
  • Remember to include both your own and Pink Elephants’ contact details – Include your name, your role, email address and phone number of relevant contacts, for journalists who want more information.

What should I write in my submission email?

Email subject line: The title of your press release.
The introduction should address someone by their first name (ideally). 
The first couple of lines should be a summary of what will be in your press release. Try to think of an angle the publication could use that would make an interesting story for its readers. Look at other articles that have been previously published to get some inspiration. Think about the local angle versus mainstream press – online versus print.
Body of the email: Right after the introduction, include the actual press release.
Attached files: Images and your press release pdf should be added as attachments.

Other tips

Follow up with a call if you don’t get a response with 1 working day.

Remember to include your social handles in your email – make it easy for the recipient to find out who you are and your social profile.

If media ever request to speak to us, please give them our contact email details: support@pinkelephantssupport.com

Good luck! x

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