At a time when we feel so alone, it is more important than ever to have people around you who understand, who get it and who just know. Never underestimate the healing power that the support of a group like this can give as it shines a light in an otherwise very dark place. xxx

MumHub Pink Elephants Fundraiser

On Friday 1st June I attended a MumHub Event at Eltham Valley Pantry in Northern NSW. MumHub was founded by Renee and Stevie, two awesome mums that connected when they had their first children. Both mums suffered with postnatal depression and found the first year of motherhood particularly challenging.   In an effort to try to … Continue reading MumHub Pink Elephants Fundraiser

Never the Same

I am a very happy (and grateful) mother to a beautiful 10 year old bright, bubbly and vivacious daughter. I am now closer to 50 than 40 so my dream of a house full of children is no longer. It has been a long time since I lost my two precious babies, but there is … Continue reading Never the Same

Shadows of Miscarriage

I was 14 and a half weeks along in my second pregnancy when I experienced our miscarriage. Our hearts were broken and the tears were continual. Our world stopped spinning. However, life brings new light as the spinning must resume. What I didn’t really understand before this happened, was the shadow that extends beyond the miscarriage itself. After … Continue reading Shadows of Miscarriage

The Unveiling of Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park’s Dandelion Sculpture

Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park unveiled their new Dandelion Girl Sculpture today. Pink Elephants Support Network were today privileged to be invited to cut the ribbon and officially unveil this beautiful memorial. The Dandelion girl sculpture and plaque reside in the tranquil and beautiful garden area of the Eastern Suburbs Memorial park called ‘Centenary Park’. From … Continue reading The Unveiling of Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park’s Dandelion Sculpture

Surviving Christmas through Infertility and Miscarriage

Traditionally, Christmas is a time for celebration, joy and for creating memories. For many of us, some of our favourite childhood memories centre around the Christmas tree, opening presents, family gatherings and of course, time off school! Yet for those who are struggling with infertility, have recently miscarried, or who are experiencing recurrent miscarriage, next … Continue reading Surviving Christmas through Infertility and Miscarriage

‘Due’ For A Miscarriage

Statistically, I was “due” for a miscarriage. It happens to one in four women in Australia. But after three healthy, complication-free pregnancies, I never considered miscarriage to be a real threat. I had conceived naturally and with ease and felt very “compatible” with pregnancy. Foolishly, I didn’t think it would happen to me. The conception of our fourth … Continue reading ‘Due’ For A Miscarriage