At a time when we feel so alone, it is more important than ever to have people around you who understand, who get it and who just know. Never underestimate the healing power that the support of a group like this can give as it shines a light in an otherwise very dark place. xxx

‘Due’ For A Miscarriage

Statistically, I was “due” for a miscarriage. It happens to one in four women in Australia. But after three healthy, complication-free pregnancies, I never considered miscarriage to be a real threat. I had conceived naturally and with ease and felt very “compatible” with pregnancy. Foolishly, I didn’t think it would happen to me. The conception of our fourth … Continue reading ‘Due’ For A Miscarriage

My Rainbow Baby – by Sam

I’m sitting here writing this with my rainbow baby laying on my chest. To those of you currently pregnant after one or more losses, I bow down to you. It’s far from an easy path you’re embarking on. It’s a complete and utter emotional roller coaster. Those first blue lines on a pregnancy test don’t … Continue reading My Rainbow Baby – by Sam

Seeing a Naturopath for Miscarriage – Belinda Kirkpatrick

Research sadly shows that approximately one in five pregnancies result in miscarriage. By following a preconception health care plan, treatment by a Naturopath aims to reduce the incidence of miscarriage and support pregnancy and foetal health. The preconception period is recognised as being very important to the health of a future baby. Sperm formation can take … Continue reading Seeing a Naturopath for Miscarriage – Belinda Kirkpatrick

An Introduction to Reiki by Charlie @ Embodime

WARNING! Reiki comes with some pretty cool side effects Reduces stress, anxiety, depression, helps to reduce blood pressure, rejuvinates the bodies own healing abilities, accelerates healing, aids better sleep, stimulates the immune system, treats arthritis, behavioural problems, emotional and mental issues, provides clarity & positive thinking, removes energetic blockages and promotes relaxation. Reiki is: A healing technique based … Continue reading An Introduction to Reiki by Charlie @ Embodime

Multiple Miscarriages by Terry

Within 3 months of deciding to start a family, I was pregnant and 9 months later we welcomed our daughter into our lives. 7 months later I fell pregnant unexpectedly and found out a day before I miscarried on Christmas Day. We weren’t trying to get pregnant again so soon but the miscarriage sparked an intense desire to add to our family and after … Continue reading Multiple Miscarriages by Terry

In my Heart & In my Memories

I always found it strange to hear people say ‘I/we lost the baby’. As if it were misplaced somewhere like a set of car keys or your favourite jacket. So when it was my turn to use that phrase, I just couldn’t. I also struggled with the idea that I had miscarried. For me, a miscarriage … Continue reading In my Heart & In my Memories