At The Pink Elephants Support Network, our aim is to support, nurture and empower women who are experiencing miscarriage and infertility.

It started with a coffee. Well, actually it started with a response to a Facebook post about miscarriage, a private message and a request to meet for coffee. And by the end of that coffee date, the concept for Pink Elephants was created.

During their first meet up, Sam and Gabbi agreed that there was an unmet need in the community around the support of women experiencing early miscarriage. From the initial miscarriage diagnosis, to the ensuing loss/procedure and knowing what to expect, right down to the support that partners, family, friends and even healthcare professionals can give – women needed and deserved more. Conversations needed to be had. Validation needed to be given. Connections needed to be made. Information needed to be offered.

We also realised how easy it is to get stuck in the grief space and not know how to move forward. Nurturing our physical and mental health is a vital part of the journey and knowing all the options available both medically and holistically can give us a greater sense of control in what can otherwise be a time fraught with uncertainty and sadness. The key is having all this information readily accessible in the one spot!

It was at this point Sam and Gabbi realised they needed some help bringing this amazing network to life and they brought on board Rachel, an experienced marketer with a background in Healthcare Communications, a passion for graphic design with just as much desire to make a difference as they did.

Through Pink Elephants, we want to reduce the feelings of isolation many women feel by connecting them with other women who have experienced the journey before them, and are now able to mentor others. Miscarriage and infertility may be individual journeys, but no woman should have to walk them alone. We want every woman to have the opportunity to connect with someone who ‘gets it’.

We want to put women in touch with relevant healthcare professionals who will be able to support and nurture their mental and physical wellbeing along their journey. On the flip side, we want to provide support to healthcare professionals which will in turn enhance their patient interactions and ultimately improve the support that women receive.

Our downloadable resources are fabulous and we believe they will make a world of difference in helping women’s key support networks (partners, family, friends) understand how to best support their loved one as they travel the road of miscarriage and early pregnancy loss.

We know if you’re here, you’re going through some pretty tough times and are looking for reassurance, information and support. We hope that we’ve been able to make even a small difference in your world and wish you all the best in your journey.

Sam, Gabbi & Rachel xo